Cleaning Keyboards With An Ultrasonic Cleaner - Case Study

Customers Criteria: To find a quick process to cleaning keyboards. To remove general dirt & grease
Component: Keyboards
Material: Plastic
Contamination prior to cleaning: General finger grease and dirt
Total number off: 4
Number off per run: 1

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Agent Temperature(s) Concentration
Kemet MI40 Ultrasonic Cleaner Galvex 18:01 55°C 3%
Kemet MI80 Rinse Tank De-ionised water 40°C 100%
Kemet MI80 Dryer 45°C

Process for cleaning keyboards:

Each keyboard was processed individually in the Mi40 wash tank using our Galvex 18:01 with a concentration of 3% for 5 minutes. After the cycle has completed the keyboard was immediately removed and placed in the rinse tank for a further 5 minutes. This is to ensure any dirt or cleaning fluid left on the keyboard is removed and will not dry on or stain the keyboard. After the rinse cycle, the keyboard was placed into the Mi dryer unit for 20 minutes at 45°C.

% Satisfactorily Cleaned: 100%

Before cleaning keyboards

Before cleaning keyboard

After cleaning keyboards

After cleaning keyboard

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