Cleaning after Thermal Deburring with an Ultrasonic Cleaner - Case Study

Customers Criteria: Free from all contamination
Component: Production part
Material: Steel
Contamination prior to cleaning: Thermal deburring, soot
Total number off: 7
Number off per run: 1-4

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Agent Temperature(s) Concentration
Mi wash 40 Rodastel 30 40°C 5%
Mi wash 40 Galvex 17.30 50°C 2%
Mi rinse 40 De-ionised water 40°C 100%
Mi dryer 40 N/A 70°C N/A

Process for cleaning after Thermal Deburring:

Process: One part was cleaned individually initially to test if the Rodastel 30 cleaning fluid was compatible and efficient. Wash: Four parts were then placed in the basket and set for a cycle time of 5 minutes, after you can see the black contamination has been completely removed. Next the parts were cleaned in a second wash tank using Galvex 17.30, this fluid acts as a anti corrosion inhibitor and coats the parts with a hydrophobic layer as well as neutralize the part from the previous acid used. Rinse: The parts were then rinsed in de-ionized water for 2 minutes to remove any left on debris. Drying: Finally the parts were then dried in a hot air dryer for 10 minutes at 70°C.

Note: Depending on the size and the amount of parts you aim to clean process parameters may vary.

Before removing Thermal deburring & Soot

Before cleaning Thermal deburring

After removing Thermal deburring & Soot

after cleaning Thermal deburring