Cleaning After Aluminium Die Casting - Case Study

Component: Conform Die Mould
Material: Steel
Contamination prior to cleaning: Aluminium

Process for Cleaning Die Casting Mould

Tank 1 was filled with tap water and allowed to reach the required temperature whilst degassing. A dilution was added to the tank (please contact Kemet regarding cleaning fluid and dillution recommendation for this process). This Cleaning Fluid is designed for use in Mould Cleaning and Ultrasonic Machines. Its main applications are Injection Mould Cleaning, carbon removal, cleaning of steel, ceramic and glass parts. It will remove or soften many types of plastic/rubber and paint. Light corrosion and tarnish can also be removed or reduced. It will etch or erode non-ferrous parts. Therefore, only use on applications such as removing Aluminium traces from steel cutting/heat sealing blades for example. The applications are numerous and therefore trials should be conducted to determine suitability. The fluid is long life and filtration will prolong the life of both the fluid and machine. Rinsing, drying and if necessary inhibit protection are recommended after cleaning. As the fluid is a strong alkaline, use protection to hands and eyes. The part was placed in the basket and submerged into the cleaning fluid. The part had a total of around 21 hours in the ultrasonic cleaning tank. With a very small amount of aluminium remaining after the 21 hours. Please be aware do not overload the machine / solution with to large lumps of aluminium residue.

After all the aluminium residue had been removed the part was rinsed in tap water for 2 minutes to remove all the cleaning fluid residue. Lastly, the part was dried in a hot air dryer for 5 minutes at 70°C.

Note: All stages were allowed to reach the required temperature and degas before cleaning.

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Before Cleaning Die Mould

Before cleaning die mould

After Ultrasonic Cleaning for 12 hours

After Ultrasonic Cleaning for 12 hours

After Ultrasonic Cleaning for 18 hours

After Ultrasonic Cleaning for 18 hours

After Ultrasonic Cleaning for 21 hours

After Ultrasonic Cleaning for 20 hours + left to soak over night

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