Aqueous and Solvent Cleaning: Partners in Cleaning Technology

In the world of industrial cleaning, aqueous and solvent cleaning systems both have their advantages. The process and customer requirements will determine the most suitable and effective method.

Aqueous cleaning solutions ranging from fully-automated ultrasonics cleaning lines to stand-alone rotary spray washers can be an eco and user-friendly solution to many typical industrial cleaning applications. The benefit an aqueous process can offer is its versatility on many different types of contamination (polar/inorganic contaminants with acid detergents, non-polar/organic contaminants with alkaline detergents).

However, high-quality and throughput demands can result in aqueous cleaning lines quickly growing into large systems due to the number of treatment and rinsing stages required.

This is where the Kemet/IFP range of KP hybrid systems steps in, offering the best of both by combining aqueous and solvent cleaning. These modified alcohol washing machines operate in a complete vacuum treatment cycle to clean finished products from wastage and oily substances without releasing harmful substances into the environment. With the ability to clean polar and non-polar contamination, leaving a spot-free finish and dry components without the need for multiple reverse osmosis and deionised water rinsing stages used on purely aqueous systems, these hybrid cleaning systems are a real breakthrough for many of today’s cleaning challenges.

Aqueous and Solvent Cleaning

Integrating ultrasound cavitation in a seal vacuum treatment chamber and the use of universal washing liquids and modified alcohols with low environmental impact ensures a perfect degree of cleaning while drastically reducing consumption. The machines can work with a variety of materials and are ideal for high throughput machined components, precision mechanics, automotive, heat treatment, medical, dental, electronics, and other applications

The combination of aqueous and solvent-cleaning technologies offers a powerful solution for industries looking to clean their parts and surfaces efficiently and effectively. By working together, these machines can achieve results that would be difficult or impossible to attain with either technology alone.

Aqueous cleaning machines are great for removing water-soluble contaminants, while solvent cleaning machines are ideal for removing oil and grease-based contaminants. By using both technologies in combination, a wider range of contaminants can be effectively removed, leading to cleaner and more efficient parts and surfaces.

Moreover, the use of aqueous and solvent cleaning, particularly with modified alcohol as the Kemet/IFP range of machines offers the benefit of minimal solvent consumption thanks to continuous distillation and renovation of solvent inside the machine. By reducing solvent use, industries can reduce their environmental impact while still achieving excellent cleaning results.

The Kemet/IFP range of machines is a prime example of the power of combining aqueous and solvent cleaning technologies. By using these machines, industries can achieve a perfect degree of cleaning while also reducing their environmental impact.

Aqueous and solvent cleaning machines are not competitors, but rather partners in the world of industrial cleaning. By combining the strengths of both machines, a more effective and environmentally friendly cleaning process can be achieved. The combination of these two technologies offers a powerful solution for industries looking to clean their parts and surfaces efficiently and effectively while reducing their impact on the environment.

A hybrid process is not the answer to every application, and Kemet can supply fully aqueous or fully solvent-based systems as well as Hybrid combinations.

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