Toolroom Products

Diamond Paste
Gesswein Abrasive Stones
Xebec Ceramic Stones
Kemet Stone Holders
Kemet Stoning Oil
Gesswein G-Flex Wheels
Gesswein Belt Sticks
Silicon Carbide Waterproof abrasive rolls and papers
AbraDisc, AbraCap & Abrastrip
Helilap Bore Finishing Tools
Kemet Diamond Compound Accessories
Kemet Diamond Tools
Lapping and Polishing Compounds
Flexible Drive Equipment
NSK Powered Hand Tools
Diprofil Machine

Kemet offers more than 10,000 grinding and polishing products for the modern Toolroom to reduce the cost of tooling and maintenance. Products include:-

  • Diamond Compound
  • Abrasive Stones (Gesswein)
  • Abrasive papers
  • Helilaps
  • Polishing Accessories (Brushes, Felts, Wood)
  • Tooling Equipment (Diprofil, NSK)

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