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Metallographic, Metallurgical, Spectroscopic and Geological sample preparation machines and consumables

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Metallographic consumables

Kemet can supply all your Sample Preparation requirements from stock

For over 65 years, Kemet has been manufacturing Diamond Products in their purpose built laboratories. Over this period our quality Diamond Pastes and Diamond Suspensions have been the preferred choice for Metallographic Sample Preparation.

Kemet offer the complete programme of Cutting, Mounting, Grinding and Polishing consumables, Metallographic machines and Ultrasonic cleaning for Metallogarphic, Metallurgical, Spectroscopic and Geological sample preparation.

Our Cutting programme includes aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and diamond cut off wheels. Mounting consumables include cold and hot mounting systems and mounting accessories. Our Grinding range include non adhesive and adhesive silicon carbide discs, rolls and papers. Polishing consumables include diamond abrasives such as diamond compound and diamond paste (monocrystalline and polycrystalline), diamond suspension and diamond spray. We also offer a wide range of chemo-textile, silk and nap polishing cloths.

We cover the complete range of instruments for Metallographic Sample Preparation. Cutting machines includes precision cutters to heavy duty cut off machines. Mounting includes programmable hot mounting presses. Grinding and Polishing machines include single and dual plate machines, which can be fitted with automatic polishing heads. We also offer fully automated grinding and polishing machines.

For Spectroscopic sample preparation, we offer pendulum grinders, automatic milling machines and table top portable grinders.

For Geological sample preparation, we offer thin section cutting and grinding machines and thin section lapping machines.

We offer a wide range of hardness testers including Vickers, Knoop and Brinell

We offer the finest quality Zeiss microscopes, including stereomicroscpes, polarising microscopes and reflected light microscopes. All are ideally suited for Metallographic sample analysis.

With our experience in process development and customer support, we have the knowledge to provide the complete Metallographic, Metallurgical or Geological sample preparation system. Call us on 01622 755287 for technical advice, visit our dedicated metallographic web site or download our 2013 Metallographic consumables and machine catalogue.

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