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Solvent Cleaning Systems – for metal cleaning

The Kemet Optisol KP Solvent Vacuum Cleaning System is the ideal solution for perfect clean parts in a production situation.  It features:-

  •  Fully enclosed single wash chamber machine operating completely under vacuum eliminating harmful effects to the environment whilst achieving excellent parts cleaning results
  • Touch screen control with network capability.  Optional Teleservice link available for remote monitoring
  • Single cleaning chamber allows for multifunction cleaning stages
  • Continuous vacuum operation eliminates air pockets to provide deeper cleaning in recesses, blind holes and better removal of swarfs, chips, emulsions, oil and other solids
  • Automated basket transport systems with basket identification to reduce or eliminate manual handling, allowing continuous machine operation
  • Systems are available to run with chlorinated solvents, PCE, hydrocarbon solvents or modified alcohols

Vacuum Technology

The Kemet Optisol is a continuous vacuum parts cleaning system utilizing Chlorinated Hydrocarbon or Modified Alcohol Solvents.  These fully enclosed systems provide an excellent cleaning solution on industrial precision parts, while imposing no harmful effect on the environment.


The single cleaning chamber can accept up to 3 baskets of contaminated parts for all stages of the cleaning cycle. The Kemet Optisol KP has various wash stages that include:- spray, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning. Washing efficiency and full solvent drainage is achieved by a fully programmable basket movement including any combination of static, tilting or rotation.  Operation under continuous vacuum ensures no air pockets thereby enhancing washing efficiency.


A programmable rinsing cycle after the wash is made by creating vapour.  Solvent is heated in the main boiler which then permits vapour to move to the cleaning chamber to condensate and rinse the parts. A programmable drying cycle is under higher vacuum to bring the boiling point of the solvent to a lower temperature, meaning complete evaporation of any solvent inside is achieved. Complete part and chamber drying provides safety to the environment and the operator.

Rust Inhibitor

For application of oil based rust inhibitor to parts, a rust inhibitor can be added to the Optisol KP system.

Solvent Handling

Maintenance of the solvent integrity is accomplished by distillation of the solvent by means of continuous vapour boiler in the distillation loop.  Electrical heaters, temperature and level sensors in the boiler assure appropriate safe temperature throughout the cycle.


A variety of automation options exist for basket transport and identification.  Basket lift, conveyor systems, as well as multi-basket automation connectivity is made.

Solvent cleaning catalogue (0.3MB)


 Model  KP 50 H/MA
 KP 100 H/MA
KP 150 H/MA 
KP 50 S 
 KP 100 S
KP 150 S 
 Solvent used

 Hydocarbons in VbF class A3

Modified alcohols (alkoxy-propanols)


 Chlorinated Solvents


 Width (mm)  1750  1900  1900  1750  1900  1900
 Depth (mm)  1750  2150  2150  1500  2150  2150
 Basket length (mm)  450  600  900  450  600  900
 Basket Width (mm)  300  450  450  300  450  450
Basket Height (mm)   200  200  200  200  200  200
 Basket Weight (kg)  50  100  150  50  100  150
 Cycles /Hour  Up to 8  Up to 8  Up to 8  Up to 5  Up to 5  Up to 5
 Empty weight of machine (kg)  2000  2700  3000  1400  1800  2400
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