Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaners

Kemet Bench Top Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths are constructed from stainless steel, and are designed for heavy duty operation. The 'Gem' range of bench top Ultrasonic Cleaners range from 5 Litres, up to 25 Litres and are ideal for Ultrasonic Cleaning in the fields of:- dental, health care, printing industry, watch / clock making, jewellery, small batch production and all kinds of precision mechanics.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Gem range

All of our Bench Top Ultrasonic Cleaners are supplied with a Lid and Basket, as well as a number of key features, including:

  • Powerful Ultrasonic for good cleaning
  • Frequency Leap Technology, which reduces any dead spots, increasing ultrasonic activity
  • Level Guard which cuts off heating and ultrasonics if there is insufficient liquid in the tank
  • Electronic Controls with digital time / temperature display (Digital models only)
  • Thermostatically controlled indirect heating (heating panels in side walls)

We also have a very wide range of cleaning chemicals suitable for a wide range of different needs.

The Gem Ultrasonic Cleaners come in two different types, Gem Digital and Gem Analogue. The analogue cleaning baths are available in Gem 5L and are ideal for simple, low cost cleaning processes, whereas the digital model comes with an SD card reader for validation and traceability (pictured below), which is essential high quality ultrasonic cleaning processes.

ModelGem 5DGem 12 DGem 25D
Tank Volume/ Litres 4.5 12.5 25
External Dimensions (mm) 345L x 200W x 267H 345L x 288W x 366H 551L x 347W x 336H
Tank Dimensions (mm) 300L x 150W x 150H 295L x 245W x 200H 500L x 300W x 200H
Tank Material 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
Basket Dimensions (mm) 273L x 125W x 90H 265L x 215W x 140H 470L x 270W x 140H
Ultrasonic Power/W (nom/peak) 100/200 200/400 400/800
Ultrasonic Frequency / KHz 32-38 32-38 32-38
Control Panel Type Digital Digital Digital
Validation SD card system Yes Yes Yes
Heating Power / W 150 300 650
Electrical Connection Volts/Hz 230V - 50Hz 230V - 50Hz 230V - 50Hz
Low Level Safety Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Drain Valve Yes Yes Yes
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